A tale of Winter

A cold surprise

The Story so far…

Its early morning when Brandon Underling squire of Ordos Krell wakes him to get ready for this days mission. They are to deliver 3 prisoners to the Wall.

A recruiting officer will meet them 2 days hence at the crossroads of the Kingsroad.

Accompanied by 2 Krell men-at-arms; Fat Thom and ‘Silent’ Liam the set out towards the meet, daring the bitter cold winds and new snow they make camp, a cold night passes and next morning they set of again, arriving at the crossroad.

Silence meets them, they wonder where the nightwatchs men are the search the area, and so discover a body covered by snow, its a nightswatch officer striped of his gear. Following the waddin trail they finally find the cart, and the prisoners all dead (except one), 2 are missing. They also find the nightswatchmen slaughtered. The surviving prisoner has been tajken care of, warmed by a fire and fed, now clothed in a woolen blanket he seems to recover. He is William Hill a bastard born son of House Ferren (westerlands) he was sent to the wal by his brother (heir) after sleeping with his fiancee.

He recounted the tail, outlaws came out of nowhere killing the watchmen en stripping them of all gear, the bound the prisoners to a tree and left them to die. He tells them the freed men where slavetraders opparating here in the north, he offers to help the PCs to track them down and bring them to justice.

Brando and Ordos with the now recovering William return to the crossroad by chance meeting a Strak patrol, the arrange to meet the patrols captain at a nearby wayinn. There they tell him what happened, and he tells them he was looking for the nightswatchmen and was ordered to escort them to the wall.

He offers to send word to Lord Stark and Lord Krell. So help can be sent in tracking down these murderers, he has no jurisdiction in Krell lands so cannot pursuit them himself.

….next time…

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